The Story of Our Founders

In Holland, after the end of World War II, an influx of Indo-Dutch repatriates, as well as the post war baby boom, caused severe concerns about overpopulation. There was a housing shortage and the economy was in a downward spiral.
A policy focused on stimulating emigration resulted in approximately 400,000 Dutch citizens moving to Canada, Australia, and USA. Ted and John van Zanten were among those numbers. Five days on a boat followed by another five on rail brought the brothers to British Columbia Canada, and with nothing but the clothes on their backs, they began to build their families and their business together.
Through hard work and dedication, they grew a bulb stand into a multinational corporation, and, with the help of three generations of van Zantens, Pan American Nursery Products is more viable now than ever. Ted and John’s kids and grandkids have never forgotten the values that were instilled in them, and this is evident in the way we do business today.
Fast forward to 2020, and Pan American is an industry leader in providing retail ready plants, while constantly striving to keep prices competitive. Currently, we offer vines, shrubs, small fruits, and perennials, but our primary focus is, and always has been, roses. Our products are marketed under the brand names: Roses by Pan Am, Windmill, and Only the Best. Our Windmill brand pays homage to our origin, while our Only The Best brand embodies the essence of what made us who we are.
Although the world has changed, we have never forgotten where we came from, and this family centered mentality keeps our core strong and our values aligned. Whether you are a retailer or final consumer, our goal remains the same, to provide you with the best product and support available from over 60 years of industry leading enthusiasm and experience.

Original site in Whalley,BC 1960-1982